FESSH Congress 2020 Basel - ZMĚNA TERMÍNU!!!

Kdy: 2.-5.9.2020 (původně 3.-6.6.2020)

Kde: Basilej, Švýcarsko

Abstract deadline: 30.11.2019

Časná registrace do: 20.7.2020

website: www.fessh2020.com

Info: How could we better express our commitment for Hand Surgery in Europe for organizing the 25th Congress of the Federation of European Societies for Surgery of the Hand 2020 in Basel. We have the opportunity to celebrate a quarter of a century for an organization that is full of enthusiasm and energy, dedicated to hand surgery. Switzerland has many unique features that represent the ancient and contemporary spirit of Europe. The multilingual and multicultural foundation, together with its location in the centre of Europe, openly received influences from varying cultures from a number of ethnicities We embrace diversity and for a short week, we welcome the whole world to change Basel into a Hand surgical melting pot, by encouraging exchange of scientific discoveries and rich social interactions.

We are privileged to also welcome our guests from the Association for Chinese-speaking Hand Surgeons. We embrace openness beyond the borders of Europe because we strongly believe in one goal: to serve as best as possible for our patients suffering from disorders in the hand. Basel is home of Roger Federer, the famous architects Herzog & de Meuron and of some of the most important pharmaceutical companies. It is bordering with Germany and France, which offers a variety of travel options to explore other locales either before or after the Congress.

Welcome to Switzerland and join us in celebrating creativity, discovery and collegiality in Basel.

Daniel Herren and Maurizio Calcagni
The Presidents of the FESSH Congress Organizing Committee